New sliding ideas

Sliding solutions provide almost unlimited options for developing and successfully implementing new ideas for architecture and design. They enhance the benefits of buildings and furnishings, and create added value that can be experienced on a daily basis. Let yourself be inspired and discover the benefits and applications of our sliding solutions.

Sliding provides many advantages

Sliding makes top-class architecture and innovative design possible. It puts the focus on the aesthetics and quality of a building, a room or a furniture item. Its functionality may be invisible, but its functional effect is outstanding.

Customized ease of use

As required: manual or automatic

Versatile design options

Various material and weight options for various movement types

Innovative sun protection

Sliding shutters, sun protection as integral part of the façade


Tested for high wind resistance: Class 6

High degree of convenience

Smooth and soft running, with soft close


Quick and simple installation – proven a thousand times by joiners and interior fitters

Flexible design

Design, material, colour and weight versions

Optimum use of space – Sliding creates space

Open sliding doors without losing space and leave them standing open

Create storage space

Optimum use of niches in rooms, elegantly concealed content

Individual solutions

Custom-tailored - diverse design and applications options

Flexible living spaces

Sliding solutions make living spaces accessible and adjustable

Sliding creates space

Optimum use of space - no space lost due to open doors


Let us take you to the world of sliding solutions.

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Discover the Hawa range

The Hawa range contains products and solutions for sliding, folding and stacking up to 500 kg - on buildings, in buildings and on fully-opening furniture.

Discover the EKU range

The EKU range contains products for sliding up to 100 kg on half-opening furniture and a slimline range for sliding solutions in buildings.