HAWA-Junior – the right one in every case

HAWA-Junior has performed convincingly and reliably around the world with effortless ease for 30 years. It has proved its worth a millionfold as a comprehensive sliding hardware system for a broad range of applications. Its success and popularity among craftsmen, architects and users is anything but coincidental: its unshakeable robustness, versatile suspension and guiding options and practical accessories equate to unlimited possibilities wherever sliding solutions for wood and glass doors are in demand.

Welcome to the highly versatile HAWA-Junior family!

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HAWA- Productfinder

HAWA-Junior 80/Z

HAWA-Junior 80-120/B, Photo: Manu Friederich

HAWA-Junior 40/B

HAWA-Junior 40-80-120/GP

HAWA-Junior 40-80-120/GP

HAWA-Junior 160/B

HAWA-Junior 160/A, Photo: Florian Kleinefenn

HAWA-Telescopic 80/2 - 80/3 - 40/4

HAWA-Junior 80-120/B, Photo: Albrecht Schnabel

Side-fixing angled profile

HAWA-Telescopic 80/G

HAWA-Junior 40-80/GL

HAWA-Adapto 80-120, PHoto: Dominique Marc Wehrli

HAWA-Junior 80/B, Photo: Olivier Wavre

HAWA-Symmetric 80/Z, Photo: studio 22

Video HAWA-Junior 80 with soft closing mechanism