Product inspiration

Our extensive product portfolio enables us to find the right sliding solution for almost any problem. We would like to present some highlights that particularly inspire our customers.

Hawa Concepta

The Hawa Concepta and Hawa Folding Concepta pivot/slide-in and pivot and folding/slide-in fittings combine multi-functionality and interior design.

With easy and quiet pivoting, folding and sliding in, the home office, the walk-in wardrobe or the kitchen can be conjured up out of the wall as if from nowhere – or made to disappear again.

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Hawa Porta Black

Striking design for wooden and glass sliding doors

This elegant and trendy version of the Hawa Porta in the "Industrial Style" is visually striking in any room and sets attractive accents.

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Hawa Combino

Realizing cabinets with wooden doors in 16 different designs with a single fitting system: Made possible by Hawa Combino. Because this versatile fitting system has been completely redesigned in accordance with the rulebook of the art of sliding.

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Hawa Suono

Mute the sounds of everyday life. Made possible by the innovative sliding door with soundproofing for up to 39 dB.

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