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Hawa Frontfold 30: The folding sliding fitting that unlocks the full potential of façades

If façades are the face of a house, then the Hawa Frontfold 30 are the designer sunglasses that protect it, transform it, and invite admiring glances. This fitting allows shutters to be easily moved and folded to be parked at a 90-degree angle to the window front. This results in a fascinating, lively façade appearance on the outside. And inside, the incidence of light can be perfectly aligned with the room situation and the needs of the residents.

Design should be: in every building situation

With the Hawa Frontfold 30, folding sliding shutters give your design ideas the space they need. You can enjoy practically unlimited design freedom in the choice of material, colors, patterns, and structures. You will find the ideal solution for every façade and every building situation with Forslide, Inslide or Mixslide designs. Especially since the Hawa Frontfold allows up to 10-leaf systems with a leaf weight of 30 kg each, which also makes it ideal for large-scale shading.

Product details

Inspired play with light and shadow, thanks to folding sliding shutters

Contemporary building and living concepts are multifaceted, and with Hawa Frontfold 30 you are prepared. For example, it supports partially and fully opening solutions, such as loggias or winter gardens. And since the shutters can also be freely positioned when folded, it opens up variable options for regulating the room temperature and protecting yourself from sunlight – or playing with it. Speaking of sunlight: Even after years, it will not leave any traces on the UV-resistant hardware. The Hawa Frontfold also looks good in bad weather. With high corrosion resistance and certified wind resistance, it is even suitable for use in coastal areas.

Reference projects Hawa Frontfold

Economical housing replaces factory: Merker-Park, Baden, Switzerland

At a glance: system advantages


Forslide, Inslide and Mixslide versions, inwards and outwards running systems.

Systems with up to 10 doors per side with an even or odd number of doors make shading up to 12 m long possible.


Drilling jig for the hinges simplifies pre-installation.

Height adjustment via the hanger bolt with standard tools.


Independent locking of the running gears for folded shutters by clipping in.



With the Forslide version, the tracks disappear behind the closed doors.


Corrosion-resistant materials for use in coastal areas without reservations.

Downloads and further information

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Product Finder Hawa Frontfold

Hawa Frontfold in detail: Product catalog
The detailed catalog for Hawa Frontfold: All information about the fittings for folding sliding solutions on façades.
Catalog Hawa Frontfold

Materials : You enjoy freedom of choice
Whether folding sliding shutters made of glass, folding sliding shutters made of wood, metal or
aluminum: Hawa Frontfold 30 gives you a freedom of choice. And it does not even shy away from
plastic and textiles.
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