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Hawa Frontslide: The fitting for sliding shutters with a multitude of design options

The Hawa Frontslide give architects and designers the ability to combine the external advantages of a building with impressive internal values. The sliding shutters bring the appearance of the façade to life with their cheerful basic character and wide range of movements, and can be implemented in materials which are optimally integrated in the architectural concept. In turn, the residents benefit from a high degree of flexibility with regard to shading, space advantages due to the omission of a pivoting area, and maximum operating convenience. Particularly since Hawa Frontslide is not only automatically operated, but can even be implemented with a connection to intelligent building control systems.

Smart living, intelligent shading – with sliding shutters

No other sliding shutter can do this: The 60 Matic version of Hawa Frontslide can be connected directly to the building automation using a revolutionary SMI interface. This makes it possible for the sliding shutters to be flexibly aligned to the position of the sun, which creates a light situation that is optimally adapted to the time of day at all times, provides protection from excessive heating and increases the general feeling of well-being in the building. The technical advantages of the sliding door fitting are obvious: 16 drives can be actuated with a single actuator, which saves space, maintenance and remote diagnosis are simplified by precise status and error messages, and the system can be integrated in the most common field bus systems without problems.

Hawa Frontslide with SMI

Open to unconventional forms of living

Hawa Frontslide doesn’t force anyone to live within the classic four walls. It also supports open window fronts, loggias and more. And always provides the privacy and protection from the sun which corresponds to the room, the light situation and the requirements of the residents in an optimum way. It provides a flush, attractive façade appearance when it is shut. It isn’t even bothered by demanding weather situations, since this extremely robust fitting impresses with outstanding UV and corrosion resistance and doesn’t even get thrown off track by strong winds. Nor does it worry about the ravages of time or continuous movement: It has been tested for 100,000 cycles.

Sliding versions and system types

Sliding version – "single sliding"

The individual sliding shutters can be moved individually as required or in accordance with the light incidence.

Sliding version – "single sliding"

Sliding version – Symmetric

Two or four sliding shutters can be moved synchronously in the Hawa Frontslide Symmetric version.

Sliding version – Symmetric

Sliding version – Telescopic

Up to four sliding shutters can be moved at the same time with the sophisticated Hawa Frontslide Telescopic version.

Sliding version – Telescopic

System type (manual / automatic)

Both manual and automatic versions with SMI of all types of Hawa Frontslide are available.

System type (manual / automatic)

Reference projects Hawa Frontslide

At a glance: System advantages


For 1 to 4 leaf systems which can be operated individually, symmetrically or telescopically and also manually or electrically.

With SMI: Control of 16 drives with just one actuator thanks to SMI interface. Can be integrated in field bus systems.



Identical, simple planning and installation procedures across all weight classes, and same guides, panels and accessories.

With SMI: More room in the junction box. Increases energy efficiency in the building.




Sliding shutters do not have a pivoting area, meaning no leaning out when opening and closing. The motorized version with an extremely quiet, maintenance-free drive can be operated at the push of a button.

With SMI: Automated system with building control interface. Optimized individual use of daylight.


In general & SMI: Use of a wide range of materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic or textiles.  Exciting accents during façade design.      


In general & SMI: Extremely robust sliding shutter that has been tested for 100,000 cycles. High resistance to wind and corrosion

Downloads and further information

Product range overview: Hawa Product Finder
Which Hawa Frontslide version suits your concept? The lightning-fast product search gives you an
overview on the spot.
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Hawa Frontslide in detail: Product catalog
Der ausführliche Katalog zum Hawa Frontslide: Alle Informationen zu den Beschlägen für
Schiebelösungen an der Fassade.
Hawa Frontslide catalog

Materials: The choice is yours
Be it sliding shutters made from wood, glass or aluminum: You’re spoiled for choice with Hawa
Frontslide. Particularly since even plastic and textiles aren’t ruled out.
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