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Trends from the world of sliding

The demands of convenient homes and living are constantly developing, just like the technical options for optimally realizing these demands. Here you’ll discover the trends we’re currently following and the solutions we want to use to make a meaningful contribution.


Anything but superficial

Hardly any area of architecture develops as dynamically as the building shell: The facades of the future are all-rounders that can be flexibly adapted to environmental influences.

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Fluid Spaces

Multi-functional instead of fixed

Living in the rooms of tomorrow: They adapt flexibly to the needs of the users – and remain equally comfortable at every stage.

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Big opportunity for small spaces

Where living spaces are shrinking, innovative room concepts are needed: Microliving is synonymous with an urban lifestyle and smart mini-apartments. Sliding solutions enable great comfort within a small living area.

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Sound attenuation

Having a place to retreat within one’s own four walls is becoming ever more important. To work in peace, enjoy an undisturbed sleep or protect your privacy, you need door systems that mute the sounds of everyday life.

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