Good has become even better


    The new flush-fitting EKU-Frontino 20 is here.

    The award-winning EKU-Frontino 20 sliding solution has been further improved. The fitting has undergone further development, and we have succeeded in providing even more convenience, reducing the installation time and providing additional design freedom. The clever flush-fitting all-rounder is suitable for modern sideboards and highboards for private rooms such as entrances, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms and for offices, reception rooms and public areas.
    The fitting won the interzum award as soon as it was launched in 2011. This premium fitting has now successfully established itself on the market and is appreciated by joiners, industry and designers alike. 

    Added value of the EKU-Frontino 20
    Efficiency– Minimal installation time thanks to the pre-mounted running system
    Convenience – 100% door opening, ergonomic opening design
    Simplicity – Door adjustment using a single component

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