Goodbye EKU, hello Hawa.


The Hawa brand stands for a clear brand promise: we inspire customers and partners in the use of sliding technology and make them successful. This is even more true today and in the future.

From 01/01/2021, we will consistently market our products under the “Hawa” brand name. The former EKU range remains fully available to you under the new brand name.

This will make things easier for our clients and partners in many respects. It will simplify their daily operations and allow them to focus on the successful distribution of just one brand. This consolidated market presence will strengthen the Hawa brand, which will in turn result in a greater reach and higher recognition value.

The merger of the product brands has no influence on the product family collections. All products shown in the current HAWA and EKU catalogues remain unchanged except for the brand, and continue to meet the usual high quality standards.

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