Reduced production – consistent service

Hawa Sliding Solutions is reporting a global slump in demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, we have decided to reduce manufacturing output. 

In this challenging environment in particular, we believe it is important to invest in the future and drive innovative projects forward. We feel especially compelled to do this. We are monitoring the increase in demand on an ongoing basis and adjusting our capacities accordingly. Our delivery capability is guaranteed at all times and your contact representatives are here for you as usual. 

With these adjustments and thanks to your trust, we are convinced that we will succeed in emerging from the crisis strengthened.

Hawa Financial report 2019: 4.5% plus – investments show impact
Hawa Sliding Solutions AG generated sales of CHF 72.2 million in 2019, thus exceeding the previous year’s result by 4.5%.
The sliding door to Asian markets
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