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Hawa Porta 60/100 HMT: The all-rounder now has even more to offer

More than ever with its most recent redesign, the Hawa Porta 60/100 HMT – the clever pocket door solution for wooden sliding doors – reveals itself as the perfect synthesis of flexibility and functionality. This is because it now offers an expedient and economical solution in even more building and room situations. The Hawa Porta 100 version offers even more comfort of use. Now even easier to install in pocket walls. And it’s best in show when it comes to design, again.

New: Sheer user-friendliness – Push-to-Open with self-closing mechanism

With the Hawa Porta 100 HMT, the innovative Push-to-Open operation with a soft closing mechanism significantly increases the convenience of opening and closing doors up to 100 kg. And in wall pocket solutions, it allows for elegant designs without handles on the front.

Product brochure

New: Even more design options – with ceiling integration

Hawa Porta’s diverse range of applications has expanded even more. The harmonious, flush-fitting ceiling integration with invisible hardware opens new possibilities for streamlined, attractive design solutions. A sliding door hardware that’s always smooth-running, including aesthetically.

New: Silent-running – assembly set for wall pocket solution

Fabricators everywhere will appreciate this assembly set for the wall pocket solution. This is because it allows rail, hardware and door installation to proceed quickly and efficient after construction is complete, using the simplest tools – without soiling the hardware during the construction phase and with quiet running guaranteed. Clean and efficient.

For every customer segment – quality that pays off

The Hawa Porta 60/100 HMT is an extremely solid and pragmatic hardware that still offers great comfort, making it a wise choice for long-term performance as its quality is tested to 100,000 cycles. An excellent choice for every user who wants to combine quality standards with an economically practical price/performance ratio.

Downloads and further information

Hawa Porta 60/100 HMT: Please follow the link for tender documents as well as other detailed product 
information packages and downloads. 

Product Finder Hawa Porta 60 HMT

Product Finder Hawa Porta 100 HMT

Product brochure Hawa Porta 60/100 HMT 

Familiarize yourself with the sophisticated functionality and great flexibility of the entire Hawa Porta 
sliding family for wooden and glass doors up to 600 kg. 

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