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Soundproof Sliding Doors

Space-saving, easy to use, barrier-free quiet! The advantages of sliding doors are widely known. However, there is one thing that most of us are unaware of: sliding doors can actually be almost soundproof, too! With our sound attenuating sliding door fittings Hawa Suono and the new Hawa Junior Acoustics, Hawa Sliding Solutions proves that optimal functionality and aesthetics can easily be combined with the beautiful benefits of silence. Hawa's innovative hardware technology makes this possible. Be it at home, in the office or in a doctor's office: Soundproof sliding doors create privacy while uniting all the advantages of a modern sliding door. Here is what you need to know about acoustic sliding doors and the advantages they bring.


Soundproof sliding doors: the essential part is the fitting

For the efficient soundproofing of wooden doors, the door fitting as well as the complete system are crucial. A high sound attenuation is achieved by means of the door leaf, the frame and a high quality and sophisticated sealing system. Our sound attenuating sliding door fitting system Hawa Suono was created with those factors in mind. With its patented 3D movement and excellent running properties, this system skillfully reduces noise and drafts. The certified system consists of the running technology, perimeter seals, door leaf and frame. And to make the package complete, we have now added the new Hawa Junior Acoustics to the Hawa product family: Thanks to its intelligent force deflection and sealing system, our second sound attenuating sliding door fitting system reduces noise and – if combined with Hawa SoftStop – allows gentle opening and closing movements.


The advantages of acoustic sliding doors

The advantages of soundproof internal sliding doors are obvious: Background noises are significantly reduced, so that you can devote yourself to more important tasks without any disturbances. The size of living and working spaces is shrinking, especially in increasingly densely built-up areas. Physical distance alone can therefore no longer stop background noises. The growing trend of working from home will further increase the need for quiet zones. The solution: Flexible and needs-based room solutions with soundproof sliding doors can simply block out annoying noises.


Protection from light, odors, drafts, and dust
Besides noise, there are other disruptive factors such as odors, drafts, dust, and the incidence of light which you might want to lock out of the room. The flexible solution to this is a sliding door, which barely takes up any space and does not interfere with the room aesthetics. With a noise cancelling sliding door, you can easily shut out any noise, odors, and other disturbing factors with just a flick of the wrist, so that you can go about your work undisturbed.

Maximum design and aesthetics
Thanks to its minimal design, a sliding door does hardly interfere with a room's aesthetics; in fact, it might even improve it! If placed correctly, a sliding door can optically enlarge small rooms or discreetly conceal disruptive elements. High-quality wood can be seamlessly integrated into the room design and create a modern and timeless look.

Accessibility plays an increasingly important part in the aging society we live in. Doors can be a difficult hurdle for children, the elderly, and people with restricted mobility. A high-quality sliding door offers an inclusive solution that slides open and closes with a simple flick of the wrist.

Hawa's flexible sliding door fittings allow for customized installations. Whether as a mobile room divider, cupboard- or room door – the mounting options for your sliding door are almost unlimited. It can be adapted to any spatial situation and makes optimal use of the available space, running in front of or inside the wall, as a wall or ceiling installation.

Space saving
While classic revolving door solutions swing open and, thus, take up a lot of space, sliding doors simply disappear in or in front of the wall with a flick of the wrist as a pocket construction or a pre-wall mounting. That way, it is possible to make optimal use of the available space without occupying too much of it, especially in small rooms.

Soundproof sliding door: Innovative technology meets 
high-quality design

The innovative technology of Hawa sliding door fittings can be combined with a variety of designs. Different color nuances and finishes turn a sliding door into an elegant and individual eye-catcher, which visually enhances your premises. The dimensions can be adapted to your requirements as best as possible. However, minimum and maximum measurements must be considered.

Soundproof sliding door for noise reduction at home, in 
offices & clinics

It is not only at home where soundproofing plays a significant role. In order to be able to concentrate at work, wooden sliding door fronts not only have to separate meeting rooms from break rooms and workspaces in the office, but they also need to reduce background noises to a minimum. Furthermore, sound insulation can significantly increase the feel-good factor for patients in medical offices. The unpleasant noise of the dentist's drill or a fearfully crying child can easily unsettle patients – a soundproof sliding door simply blocks out these disturbing noises. At home, a soundproof sliding door helps to spatially and acoustically separate quiet zones (e.g., bedroom and children's rooms) from noise-producing and odor-intensive rooms such as workspaces or the kitchen. This allows all family members to go about their business without disturbing each other.

Hawa sliding door fittings

With Hawa Suono and Hawa Junior Acoustics, Hawa has developed two fittings which demonstrate excellent sound proofing.

The multiple award-winning fitting for soundproof wooden sliding doors Hawa Suono creates new possibilities in interior design thanks to its patented 3D movement. It is designed for the wall mounting of top-running wooden doors weighing up to 100 kg. Hawa Suono meets the sound insulation requirements according to DIN standard 4109, with a sound insulation of up to 39 decibels.

Our newcomer Hawa Junior Acoustics combines the comfort and easy usage of Hawa Junior with a sound proofing of up to 41 decibels thanks to its optimized all-round seal. Equipped with the Hawa SoftStop technology, this sliding door fitting makes it possible to quietly open and shut doors weighing up to 100 kg.

Comparison of our soundproof sliding door fittings:

Hawa Junior 100 Acoustics SL3
Hawa Junior Acoustics
Hawa Porta Acoustics
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Hawa Suono
Hawa Suono
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Area of application

Internal doors in the private or semi-public sector

Certified functional doors in the semi-public or public sector

Product range

Guide track, running gears, sealing system

Guide track, running gears, sealing system, door leaf, door frame, configuration, certification


Hawa sales partner

Exclusively available from certified industry partners

Sound transmission reduction

up to 41 dB depending on the structural situation (from room to room).
See estimated sound attenuation effect.

certified from 32 dB to 39 dB depending on the system (in relation to the system)

Sealing technology

Intelligent force deflection of the horizontal seals

Patented 3D movement

Possible installations

Wall mounting and wall pocket mounting (floor-to-ceiling wall pocket)

Wall mounting


Door weight: max. 100 kg
Door thickness: 39 - 50 mm
Door height: max. 2500 mm
Inside clearance: max. 1250 mm

Door weight: max. 100 kg
Door thickness: 51 - 54 mm
Door height: max. 2700 mm
Inside clearance: max. 1340 mm

Door material