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The future of construction planning is BIM 

Building Information Modelling – BIM for short – is currently changing the design of building projects radically. Thanks to BIM, the efficiency in the planning and construction process can be increased, structural conflicts can be identified early and cost savings achieved. With BIM, all parties no longer create their plans independently, but work together on a single digital model of the future building. And the components shown in the model – such as a sliding door fitting – no longer simply consist of the drawn, three-dimensional model, but also contain all the product information required for planning.

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Hawa BIM House provides object data

With the «Hawa BIM House», Hawa provides the product specifications for a large part of its fittings, thus facilitating the architects work with BIM. After completing the form below, architects can simply download the “Hawa BIM House” for free, select the desired objects and integrate them into their own project. All objects are available as Revit data records.

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