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New sliding ideas

Sliding solutions provide almost unlimited options for developing and successfully implementing new ideas for architecture and design. They enhance the benefits of buildings and furnishings, and create added value that can be experienced on a daily basis. Let yourself be inspired and discover the benefits and applications of our sliding solutions.

Sliding applications in the hotel industry

Satisfaction guarantee

A stay at a restaurant or hotel should always be an experience. Sliding technology allows you to make improvements which provide satisfaction and added value from guest to employee, from hotel room to lobby, and from the event area to the spa and fitness zone.


Sliding applications in office buildings

Performance factor

Company sites are their calling cards. Not just for customers and neighbors. Also for employees and partners. They characterize the first impression that a company makes, and provide plenty of room for efficient use and ergonomic design of working spaces at the same time.


Sliding applications in residential spaces

Comfort zone

Be it bought or rented. Be it a house or an apartment. Individuality and lifestyle are experienced at home. For you and others. Home is a retreat, a meeting place and a safe haven.


Sliding applications in hospitals, doctor’s offices and therapy centers

Therapy success

Healthcare is changing like never before. Nowadays, patients expect consistent quality – from medical treatment to the spatial experience which has a considerable influence on the success of therapy. At the same time, processes must become increasingly efficient.


Sliding applications in wholesale and retail

Shopping high

Consumer society becomes an experience society. Shopping is no longer about providing basic supplies. Shopping is a leisure activity, a hobby, a way to spend time. And it’s simply fun.


Sliding applications in kindergartens, schools and universities

Knowledge transfer

Life is learning. Today it starts sooner than ever before, and continues through to old age. Even though digital learning is becoming increasingly important, a perfectly designed room is still an important element in educational establishments.


Sliding solutions in action

Sophisticated sliding solutions by Hawa Sliding Solutions are in use around the globe. Quietly and discreetly, our sliding fittings move doors and walls in living and working areas. Discover inspirational projects in buildings, on buildings and on furniture.