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The Hawa Concepta family – fitting system for pivot and folding/sliding doors

Fitting system for wood pivot and folding/sliding doors
Space is a valuable commodity. It is appropriately important to make intelligent and efficient use of it. This is where the Hawa Concepta and Folding Concepta fittings for hinged doors and pivot and folding/sliding doors come in: by making entire furniture fronts disappear and appear again in seconds based on requirements and the type of use. This makes construction possible which is diverse as life itself.

Hawa Concepta – cabinet concepts without restrictions

The Hawa Concepta fittings are real quick-change artists which find a brilliant solution to any space problem. Particularly since they can be flexibly combined and are available in not only 2-door and 4-door systems but also 3-door systems without  the use of separating walls. When open there is free access to the entire cabinet width and when closed the aesthetics take over with flush-fitting fronts – even with floor-to-ceiling capabilities.

Inspiration included: for new room uses and applications

We frequently switch into a variety of roles in our everyday lives: For example, serious business people may become playful parents or a connoisseur of creative hobbies and don a chef’s hat in between. Hawa Concepta supports this modern lifestyle perfectly. It makes storage rooms, laundry areas, home offices, craft spaces and even entire kitchens visible and usable when they are needed then and only then.

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At a glance: system advantages


Allows for two and four-door systems and, in combination with the Hawa Folding Concepta, three-door cabinets without separating wall

Extremely flexible door dimensions for a high degree of design freedom


Free access to the entire width of the cabinet

Quiet, gentle closing of the hinged doors thanks to the concealed hinge with integrated soft closing mechanism

Gentle, quiet movement with automatic soft closing


Flush-fitting, floor-to-ceiling front panels with uniform gap pattern

Makes walk-in constructions without furniture tops and continuous bottoms without a separating gap possible

Seamless integration in the overall appearance of the cabinet


Easy online configuration in just 3 minutes with the Hawa Planning Tool


Long service life even with heavy use

High planning and installation reliability

Countless variants and possibilities – all planned in just three minutes

It’s worth planning a Hawa Concepta solution with the online planning tool. This will easily save you 30 minutes of your time, and will be less stressful. The digital assistant provides the right fitting lightning-fast, including the blueprint and the cutting dimensions.

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Downloads and further information

Product range overview: Hawa Product Finder
Which Hawa Concepta variant fits into your planning? You have an immediate overview with the
lightning-fast product search.
Product Finder Hawa Concepta Family

Quick online planning: Hawa Product Planner
Don’t you have a plan yet? This can change in 3 minutes with the digital assistant.
Product Planner Hawa Concepta

Product Planner Hawa Folding Concepta

Hawa Concepta in detail: Product catalog
The detailed catalog for the Hawa Concepta family: To the download:
Catalog Hawa Concepta family

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