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Discover all of the Hawa product categories by clicking on one of the plus signs in our interactive Hawa house. From sliding doors on furniture to room dividers through to sliding shutters on the façade – fittings from Hawa Sliding Solutions cover all forms of sliding and applications.

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On buildings

Good façades distinguish themselves by high aesthetics, functionality, and outstanding energy efficiency. Our sliding solutions for use on buildings optimally support these demands. Sliding shutters offer façades different shapes as an additional design element and create added value for any building.

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In buildings

Space is both valuable and expensive. The more efficiently it can be used, the sooner the invested capital will pay for itself. Sliding technology creates the prerequisites for optimum use of space. Sliding doors prove to be a superior solution for designing rooms which need to be variable and flexible at all times.

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On furniture

Sliding systems make furniture more valuable. Sliding doors are always the number one choice for quality and functionality in the look-and-feel of the material, the movement form and the design. A countless number of possible movement type combinations makes it possible to implement almost any design idea, and provide the end customer with a high degree of emotional and functional added value.

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The Hawa Sliding Solutions range contains products and solutions for sliding, folding and stacking up to 500 kg - on buildings, in buildings and on fully-opening furniture.

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The future of construction planning is BIM

Building Information Modelling – BIM for short – is currently changing the design of building projects radically. Thanks to BIM, the efficiency in the planning and construction process can be increased, structural conflicts can be identified early and cost savings achieved. With the «Hawa BIM House», Hawa provides the product specifications for a large part of its fittings, thus facilitating the architects work with BIM.

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