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Comfort zone

Be it bought or rented. Be it a house or an apartment. Individuality and lifestyle are experienced at home. For you and others. Home is a retreat, a meeting place and a safe haven.

Sliding applications in residential spaces

We would all like to design our life in an individual and free way. Whether you have the privilege of building your own house or if you’re planning an apartment – the decision concerning the room design within your own four walls characterizes your satisfaction and well-being at home over decades.

We help with the design of façades, rooms and furnishings for private living areas with just as much commitment as we do for solutions in professional applications.

The usable space in a layout can be improved with sliding solutions. Additional areas are created which would not be available if normal hinged doors were used.

This doesn’t just apply to the fixed walls and surfaces, but also to the furniture – be it built-in or free-standing. Here too, sliding technology frequently provides better access, and is also an aesthetic solution which you can enjoy for years.