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Room separation and acoustic solutions

During the recent pandemic, many people came to realize how much they are bothered by noise. Having peace and quiet for work and hobbies is essential. In the office too, we need effective soundproofing so that we are not disturbed.

To ensure a certain amount of peace and quiet, either at home or elsewhere, the wall and door between two rooms should let through as little sound as possible. Thanks to the latest generation of our sound-insu­lating sliding doors, Hawa Junior Acoustics and Hawa Porta Acoustics, it no longer makes a difference whether hinged or sliding doors are used. However, with living and working spaces becoming increasingly tighter, sliding doors have decisive advantages. Unlike hinged doors, which act as a functional element—
either they are open or closed—sliding doors can be used as a room divider. This allows for more flexibility in spatial planning, which is something that is also increasingly being considered by architects and planners.

 When I discuss sliding doors with customers, I often hear the traditional counter-arguments relating to sound, light, odor, and drafts. Now we have developed a product where these prejudices no longer apply. Today, our sound-insulating sliding solutions meet the current requirements for sound insulation and also provide protection against light, odors, and drafts.

“Today, a sliding door can meet all current 
requirements for sound insulation.”

Sound insulation with flexibility and esthetics 
Developing an effective sound-insulating solution was not easy. We had to take various requirements into 
account. A horizontal sliding movement means that both horizontal and vertical seals are needed, i.e., at the top and bottom, as well as against the wall. It is also important to ensure that, with a high degree of sealing, there is as little resistance as possible when the door is slid. What is more, the seals should be as easy to fit as possible and visually inconspicuous.

Building on existing knowledge
With our certified Hawa Suono solution, we were able to bring a sliding door fitting that set new standards in sound insulation to market maturity for the first time in 2017. The knowledge gained with this product helped us to develop a sound-insulating sliding door fitting for our two established systems, Hawa Junior and Hawa Porta. The complexity here was that, with the “Acoustics” sliding door fitting, we wanted to create a convenient solution that could be used in a wide variety of room partitioning situations. In addition to the certified solution, which is distributed via partners in the door industry, we can now also offer an individual, flexible solution for the trade.

Wide range of applications
In addition to their use in living and working spaces, Hawa Junior Acoustics and Hawa Porta Acoustics seem predestined for use in the hotel sector. In hotel rooms, where there is little space, but at the same time high demands for noise and odor separation, there is great potential for these two products. Other areas of application for sound-insulating sliding doors can be found wherever a certain degree of discretion is required. As with flexibility in room partitioning, we hope to see a growing awareness among architects and planners of the added value and benefits of sliding doors in terms of sound insulation.

Ralph Egger
Ralph Egger is Product Manager Innovation at Hawa Sliding Solutions. Having started his career as a carpenter, the development of innovative sliding solutions is a matter close to his heart. As project manager for acoustic solutions, his experience in sound and his passion were instrumental in shaping the development of the new systems Hawa Junior Acoustics and Hawa Porta Acoustics.

Sliding solutions with sound attenuation

Life also means: living together. And more and more of this is taking place in rooms. We live, work, eat, laugh, discuss, sleep and dream together. However, everyone needs a quiet zone. This is always within reach with sliding solutions from Hawa Sliding Solutions.

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Hawa Junior Acoustics

Sliding doors with sound attenuation – a combination for new perspectives in interior design and quality of life. Home office, dense building with smaller living spaces and the trend towards open spaces mean that people are moving closer together in modern everyday life. The demand for personal quiet zones is therefore increasing. Hawa Junior Acoustics does not only provide effective sound attenuation, but also keeps out odors, drafts and light.

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