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The chosen one: Hawa

Hawa Sliding Solutions convinces architects, installers, sales partners and users with quality products, a variety of possibilities and ease of use.
That is why sliding hardware from Mettmenstetten and Sirnach is the first choice throughout the world.

Weather protection

The facade of the residential and commercial building
in Bergamo in northern Italy protects from sun and wind.

The folding sliding shutters made of perforated metal
make sure of it.

At work: Hawa Frontfold 20.

«Hawa hardware keeps the new hotel facade constantly in motion, changing its face from day to day.»

Christina Beaumont, Architect BDA


The guests at Hotel Lamaison in the German town
of Saarlouis can open and close the shutters at the
touch of a button thanks to the Hawa Frontego 30/matic.

The hardware folds the folding sliding shutters and parks
them at an angle of 90° to the window front.

«Thanks to our cooperation with Hawa, we were able to offer a comprehensive customer service instead of just a product.»

Gianluca Molteni, Häfele Italia srl


The limited space in the chalet in the
Bernese Oberland in Switzerland is
used to its full potential thanks to room
high sliding doors.

They run on Hawa Junior 80/B and 120/B

«The sliding doors in our chalet are extremely heavy. They are, however, as light as a feather to move thanks to Hawa hardware.»

Andreas Hauri, inhabitant

Good for the working climate

The offices designed by HLW International LLP
for Warren Wixen Real Estate in Los Angeles
are bright and inviting.

The glass sliding doors reach from floor to ceiling.

This is made possible by the Hawa Puro 100–150
recommended by glazing company Pulp Studio.

«We chose this hardware because it is the only one where you don’t actually see it.»

Bernard Lax, CEO of Pulp Studio Inc.

Flooded with light

All the shops in the City Mall in the Swiss town
of Winterthur have glass fronts.
One half is made up of moving elements.

Hawa Variotec 150/GV makes it easy for
personnel to open and close them.

«We have worked exclusively with hardware systems from Hawa for years. They work reliably and are very easy to use.»

Heier Blaser, Managing Director, Blaser Metallbau AG


A sliding wall separates bathroom and bedroom
in the centuries-old house in Soglio in
south-west Switzerland.

It glides smoothly and quietly on
Hawa Junior 80/Z hardware.

«I often make use of Hawa hardware. It is of a very high quality.»

Christian Speck, Architect


When the host in Berlin has finished cooking,
he can make the kitchen all but disappear.
It is concealed by six pivot/slide-in doors.

Hawa Concepta 50 makes it easy to open
the doors and hide them in recesses prior to cooking.

«Hawa Concepta 50 was exactly the right sliding hardware for this application.»

Manfred Daxenberger, Interior architect
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