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Flexible room design with partition walls

An office building was modernized in Rue Vauban in Bordeaux in 2023. The main focus was on the antiquated and not particularly inviting ground floor of the building. The property developers wanted to create modular rooms which made flexible use possible. The rooms were to provide the employees with a friendly atmosphere for breaks, but also be able to be used for business meetings or events involving up to 40 persons.

Interior designer Constance Gardès developed a layout concept which provided maximum flexibility. Together with joiner Guillaume Boidin, she evaluated different technical solution approaches, whereby she was ultimately impressed by the solution with folding sliding walls from Hawa. Using two five-piece wooden partition walls with Hawa Centerfold, a sliding hardware for concertina walls, the room can be opened into a large unit or divided into two or three smaller units, depending on requirements. The central suspension of the elements separates the rooms evenly, and ensures that the parking area can be discreetly positioned at the side. 

The adjacent room is elegantly divided off with three wooden frame glass folding walls, which have been implemented using the Hawa Variofold folding/slide-in hardware. They are designed in glass, so that a sufficient amount of daylight reaches the interior, while also providing privacy thanks to the opaque center section. The partition wall is located at the outer edge of the passage due to being suspended at the side. When the partition walls are closed, a hinged door secures the access to the smaller units.

The combination of different opening and closing options creates an adaptable and quickly adjustable room structure. The hardware from Hawa Sliding Solutions also blends perfectly into the design concept from an aesthetic point of view. For Guillaume Boidin, the systems from Hawa Sliding Solutions were a perfect match for the requirements of the project. He was impressed by their top class quality, robustness and extraordinarily long service life.

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