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Living in the Bauhaus style

Since September 2020, in the Baden-Württemberg city of Rheinau, just 1000 meters from the French border, there has been an exhibition house designed by the London-based architect, Nick Blunt. The villa is located in the “World of Living”, the home show park by the prefab house manufacturer, WeberHaus. It impresses with its clear lines and modern architecture, which unmistakably has its roots in the Bauhaus tradition.

Entering the house, you can see the generous space available to the residents of this villa at first glance. The entrance floor is divided into a living room, which can be unobtrusively hidden by a floor-to-ceiling door integrated into the wall. The second area consists of a state-of-the-art kitchen with a free-standing work area, first-class technical equipment with high-quality electrical appliances, and a fluid transition to the open dining area.

The seamless transition from kitchen and dining room meets modern lifestyle habits and creates a communicative atmosphere that is ideal for social gatherings or cooking together. “We wanted to design the rooms generously and make the transitions between them flow,” explains Sabine Ludwig. “We integrated ancillary rooms so that they are barely noticeable and designed their doors to match the wall surfaces.”

Ancillary rooms such as a storeroom, a WC, the lift and a concealed bar are configured on the ground floor like free-standing floor-to-ceiling items of furniture. Narrow, vertical wooden slats made of oak enclose all the ancillary rooms and make them appear as a closed block.  Parts of the kitchen furniture were also integrated into the ingenious construction to allow the kitchen unit to be discreetly hidden. Two 2-part cabinet doors without a central partition can be folded to the left and right and pushed in at the side. The Hawa Folding Concepta hardware system for pivot and folding/sliding doors is therefore a true quick-change artist. Tidying up has never been easier.

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