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Mansion Römerpark

The facade of the multi-family residence in Baden's Casino district is defined by horizontal strips of natural slate and metal. The effect is further enhanced by sliding windows and sliding shutters. 

The district surrounding the casino in Baden boasts generous green areas and a stock of old trees. Mansion Römerpark is situated at the heart of the park-like landscape. It offers space for 34 upmarket apartments and was designed by local architects Egli Rohr Partner. Although the building has five stories, it doesn't look enormous. The reason lies in the clever choice of floor plan and building shape: when viewed from above the house represents a zigzag with ten edges. Putting a number of kinks in the facade helps conceal the building's true dimensions. Straps running around the entire circumference of the facade tie it in to create a single unit. The straps in the parapets are clad in panels of black natural slate. The architects have used trapezoidal sheeting with a coat of glimmering anthracite paint around the windows. Slate and metal sometimes appear similar in color and sometimes create a contrast, depending on light conditions and the weather.

The architects opted for sliding windows and sliding shutters to underscore the horizontal structuring. The shutters are made from the same trapezoidal sheeting used on the facade. The sheeting in the living room areas is perforated to let light in; in the bedroom areas it is unperforated. The total number of 208 sliding shutters are equipped with an electric drive for greater convenience and run on HAWA Frontslide 60 matic hardware.

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