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In buildings, Hawa Divido

Municipal residential development Talwiesen

Hawa Divido is the ideal room partitioning system for upscale office and residential applications.
It can be used with wooden doors and doors with aluminium frames.

Product advantages Hawa Divido

  • Front panel versions – wood or aluminium frame system
  • Running track design – surface-mounted or recessed floor installation
  • Designer handles – no glass processing – glue fixing
  • Extremely safe – dual anti-derailment facility
  • Additional safety – 4-point guidance and stop
  • Easy assembly – aluminium frame door
  • Swiss Quality – tested in accordance with DIN – EN 1527, 100,000 cycles

Flexible living in the municipal residential development Talwiesen, Zurich

What once was the 55 hectare work site of construction company Heinrich Hatt-Haller in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of Zurich-South has turned into the municipal residential development Talwiesen with 362 apartments. A variety of different space arrangement were created through the use of staggered and recessed exterior walls. The architectural firm Dachtler Partner AG and their partners Leuppi & Schafroth Architekten AG created extremely flexible living arrangements through the use of 1,200 sliding doors. Depending on the residents’ preference, kitchens and bedrooms can become part of the main living space, or be separated. To ensure longevity and the highest level of convenience the sliding doors were equipped with EKU Divido. The fitting is guaranteed to seal out light, offers a dampened close and thus ensures the highest level of living comfort. Hawa Divido was awarded the “Good Design Award”.

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