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New life for an old Bergelle house Casa Sott Pare 31

The conversion of a centuries-old house in Soglio presented an interesting challenge to the interior designer and the joiner. The end result is a residential house where the old building fabric and modern comforts complement one another perfectly.

A house in Bergelle that possibly dates back to the fifteenth century served as a barn and store for more than a hundred years. Interior designer Christian Speck of Basel has now returned it to its original function as a residential house. He kept the old building fabric – such as the dry stone walls and wall paneling – as far as possible and complemented them with modern furnishings. Speck worked together with a local joiner who had experience in renovating old houses and was familiar with the local wood types. The interior designer's goal was to keep the house's archaic character without turning the house into a museum.

The interior designer and the joiner worked closely together to develop the exact-fitting cabinets, the kitchen, the bathroom and the wall paneling. A sliding partition wall separates the bathroom from the bedroom. HAWA Junior 80 Z hardware makes sure it slides smoothly and quietly. Although sliding partition walls are rather atypical for the building type and its era, they are absolutely ideal for a house with such confined spaces and slanting walls. The history of the Casa Sott Pare in Soglio is still clearly visible after the conversion without the new owners having to forego contemporary creature comforts.

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