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On buildings, Hawa Frontfold

The play of light in the new city district: sogehtcity

A new construction in the new city district named «sogehtcity» Goethestrasse in Darmstadt is setting architectural accents with a lively facade that is constantly changing due to its opening and closing shutters.

A new construction with 46 apartments in the city district of Goethestrasse in Darmstadt designed by the architects' consortium of Gordan Dubokovic and Lothar Greulich has a very individual character thanks to its living facade. The windows have copper-colored folding sliding elements that offer privacy and protection from the sun. A perforation pattern designed by the architects creates an atmospheric interplay between light and shadow inside the apartments and a fascinating facade display. Window shutters are enjoying a renaissance thanks to the esthetic appeal of the components and their practical use.

HAWA Frontfold 20 perfectly combines the functions of sliding and folding. The window shutters are easy to fold together and slide to the side of the window front at an angle of 90 degrees. Whilst hinged shutters need a certain pivot radius and sufficient room to the left and right of the window when open, folding shutters make do with much less space. They open and close with next to no effort and slide smoothly and quietly in the top track.

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Ober-Ramstädter-Strasse 96 e.1
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