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  • Mute the sounds of everyday life

    Made possible by the innovative sliding door with soundproofing: Discover the soundproof sliding door fitting.

    Hawa Suono soundproof sliding door fitting

Hawa Suono soundproof sliding door fitting

The revolutionary sliding door system which keeps out noise and smells. The soundproof sliding door which separates large and small rooms in an elegant and acoustically effective way.

Award-winning sliding door fitting

Hawa Suono, the soundproofing sliding door fitting has been awarded several times for its high degree of innovation and product quality.

Moves boundaries. Increases your zest for life.

The Hawa Suono sliding door fitting with the patented 3D movement gives you more room design options, and opens up new areas of application.

The soundproofing values (Rw,R) that can be achieved using the Hawa Suono fitting system in buildings depends on the type of door that is used (door leaf value Rw) and the type of floor seal.

  • A door leaf value of Rw 45 dB makes soundproofing of up to Rw,P 39 dB possible, depending on the configuration.
  • A door leaf value of Rw 40 dB makes soundproofing of up to Rw,P 34 dB possible, depending on the configuration.

Rw,PLaboratory value (must be at least 5 dB higher than the soundproofing value required for the building).
Rw,RThe mathematically expected soundproofing value for the building (Rw,P - 5 dB = Rw,R).
RwTested door leaf value without influence of adjacent parts of the building.
ExampleIf a soundproofing value of Rw,R = 27 dB (SSK1) is to be achieved on the building, a product with at least Rw,P = 32 dB must be used.
SPC 1Soundproofing class 1Rw,R ≥ 27 dB → Rw,P ≥ 32 dB
SPC 2Soundproofing class 2Rw,R ≥ 32 dB → Rw,P ≥ 37 dB


Explanation of terms (in accordance with DIN 4109)

Block frame

Closed frame

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fully opening

partially opening

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Target value Rw,P = 32 – 36 dB (SPC 1)

Target value Rw,P = 37 – 38 dB (SPC 2)

Target value Rw,P = 39 dB (SPC 2) with threshold

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Sales partners

Hawa Suono is combined with specially coordinated door leaves and frames, and sold as a certified system by selected door specialists. Hawa Suono is available only in the following countries: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Sweden, Malaysia, Singapore.