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Interzum Award for HAWA Suono: Sliding solution with soundproofing wins

HAWA Suono for soundproof sliding doors won over a jury, composed of five top-class design and architecture experts, for the selection of the Interzum Award winners. They honoured the innovative sliding fitting system by Hawa Sliding Solutions and attested to its “High Product Quality”. This award confirms the quality and innovative power and underlines the international position of the product within the industry.  

The award-winning fitting shields noise and odor emissions and thus opens up completely new possibilities in interior design. HAWA Suono with its patented 3D movement makes it possible to have certified sliding door systems for soundproofing requirements of up to 39 decibels without problems. 

Innovative technology provides the solution
The heart of the HAWA Suono is its innovative technology: The running track is designed such that the doors are simultaneously moved downwards and to the side when they are closed. Thanks to this technical finesse, the system does not require an end post. 

HAWA Suono combines the advantages of sliding solutions such as low space requirement, appealing appearance and freedom from barriers with the increasingly important requirement of soundproofing. Sliding solutions can now be implemented in locations where privacy and soundproofing are essential, e.g. in lawyer’s offices, doctor’s surgeries, bedrooms, in bathrooms or toilets. Privacy and soundproofing are provided because the door leaf, which is equipped with rubber profiles, is pressed tightly against the door frame and the floor. This means that odours, dust and unwanted draughts don't have a chance. The sliding fitting system has been designed for wooden interior doors weighing up to 100 kg and at least 51 mm thick.

The soundproofing values of up to 39 decibels are guaranteed as a certified complete system in combination with specially coordinated door leaves and frames. It is marketed via selected door specialists. 

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