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Here are the links to the Hawa Microliving Downloads.

Microliving floorplan

Together with Nathalie Birkhäuser and Roman Venzin, first-prize winners of the Hawa Student Award 2020, we drew a sample floorplan that offers lots of flexible design options.

Microliving Flyer

Compact planning – get the maximum with the minimum

Slide Magazin #2

There’s still room for lots of quality of living, even with less living area. Find out more in the second issue of our Slide magazine.

Hawa Microliving BEX Webinar

Learn how microliving concepts can solve certain challenges of the advancing urbanization.

Hawa Microliving BEX Webinar

Hawa Microliving BEX Webinar - Recorded Webinar Session

White Paper “Microliving – Small but diverse”

Authors Angelika Juppien, Andréa Zemp Nascimento, Richard Zemp from «kollektivorort» classify the Microliving form of living from a historical and contextual point of view, sound out the potential of this form of living and provide creative stimuli.