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Hawa Suono – Soundproofed sliding doors

Hawa Sliding Solutions is launching a revolutionary solution for soundproofed sliding doors with Hawa Suono. This technical revolution makes it possible to provide soundproofing of up to 39 decibels. Hawa Sliding Solutions presented the revolutionary Hawa Suono sliding door fitting for the first time on 26th April at “Tür ’17”, the in-house trade fair of well-known door manufacturer Brunex. The event was accompanied by Köbi Gantenbein, the chief editor of the Hochparterre architecture magazine. He took a humorous look at sliding doors, their fittings and their development history playing the part of a burglar.

All advantages in one product
The revolutionary fitting for soundproofed sliding doors from Hawa Sliding Solutions combines the advantages of sliding solutions (less space required, appealing appearance) with soundproofing of up to 39 decibels. A technical refinement makes this combination possible:  The running track is designed such that the door is simultaneously moved downwards and to the side while being closed, and is pressed against the door frame in the end position. In combination with a rubber seal, noise is effectively kept in check. This patented 3D movement makes aesthetically appealing sliding solutions possible and provides perfect sliding characteristics, like all fittings from Hawa Sliding Solutions.

Usable anywhere
With the Hawa Suono, sliding solutions can now also be implemented in locations where privacy and soundproofing are essential. In lawyer’s offices and doctor’s surgeries, bedrooms and bathrooms, for example, and not least in kitchens. Because the new system does not just reduce noise but it also shuts out odors, dust, light and draughts and separates different temperature zones without problems.

Certified system
The Hawa Suono sliding door system is designed for wooden doors weighing up to 100 kg. In order to be able to guarantee soundproofing of up to 39 decibels, Hawa Suono is combined with specially coordinated door leaves and frames, and sold in the form of a certified overall system via selected partners of the door industry.

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