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Hotel masterpieces around the globe

Hotels must combine aesthetic beauty and functionality. And sliding solutions make it a reality. Guests can relax while enabling staff to do their best work. Let’s take a look at the idyllic vacation spots this world has to offer.

Great momentum in and around the lodge

Guests of the Lodge Edgewood Tahoe look out to the mountains over the 18 -hole golf course and crystal clear lake. The luxury hotel first opened its doors (and sliding doors) to guests in 2017; it's worth noting that 121 rooms feature sliding doors. Two years later, it was named “Best Hotel” in the US and Canada by “Preferred Hotels & Resorts”.

Sliding solutions: The HAWA Junior 120 B and HAWA Junior 80 Z Symmetric sliding doors (enable simultaneous opening and closing of a two -door sliding door)

Architect: Hirsch Bedner Associates, CCY Architects

Opening: 2017

Stylish push toward the highest standards

An image that could have come from “A Thousand and One Nights”: Palm gardens, white sand beach, modern palace – the Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas in Abu Dhabi. In the hotel rooms, guests reside like kings. A gentle touch of a finger on the sliding doors reveals the private minibar and bathtub.

Sliding solutions: HAWA Junior 80 B sliding doors and HAWA Folding Concepta 25 pivot and folding/ slide-in doors

Architects: KCA International

Opening: 2018

Would you like another coffee?

The interior of Motel One in Cologne-Neumarkt, Germany, is a homage to the famous Cologne cathedral. The growing chain of budget design hotels relies on an effective concept for breakfast: An elegant piece of furniture with HAWA Concepta can be slid open to reveal the coffee machines.

Sliding solutions: HAWA Concepta pivot/slide-in door

Architect: Grimbacher Nogales Architects GmbH

Opening: 2018

Veranda to new horizons

With its modern architecture, the Veranda Resort Pattaya MGallery is situated directly on the beach in Na Jomtien, Thailand. Elegant sliding glass walls make the 145 rooms large and airy.

Sliding solutions: HAWA Junior 120 GP glass sliding doors

Architect: OBA, office of Bangkok Architects

Opening: 2016

Comfort for guests and hosts

Sliding means toppling rigid structures. That's why sliding solutions make it possible to unify high standards for design and cost-effectiveness in the hotel and gastronomic sectors under a

single roof. Hawa Sliding Solutions specializes in made-tomeasure interior design solutions that are sure to satisfy both guests and hosts.

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