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Sliding and Sound Attenuation – “Acoustics” Solutions on European Tour

Five cities in four countries: Hawa presents tight-sealing sliding door hardware 
at the 2024 Architect@Work events

Hawa Sliding Solutions AG will be stopping at five cities in four countries this year in order to introduce its acoustically effective sliding solutions and enter into active dialogue with interior designers, planners and 
designers. The message: Space-saving sliding doors in interior design can be implemented in conjunction with noticeable sound attenuation. 

In 2024, Hawa will be demonstrating the effect live at Architect@Work in Brussels, Lyon, Vienna, Berlin and Frankfurt.

“Hawa Porta Acoustics” is in the focus of the presentation. With this, the Swiss company has developed 
a sliding hardware system with an optimized, all-round seal which noticeably reduces the room to room noise situation by up to 39 decibels when the door is closed. However, tight closing with a high sound attenuation 
value does not only provide protection from noise. It also provides protection from unwanted odors, 
light incidence and drafts.

Comfortable quiet zones in no time

The “Hawa Porta Acoustics” moves doors weighing up to 100 kilograms easily and quietly with its sliding characteristics and the force deflection of the horizontal seal. “Hawa SoftStop” provides a braked and cushioned closing movement. The system can be implemented as a wall-mounted and pocket solution, and also in
floor-to-ceiling sliding doors Puristic design succeeds with concealed technology.

The “Hawa Porta HMT Pocket Acoustics” scores points with its additional operating convenience: It brings doors out of the wall pocket with a gentle tap thanks to Push-to-open with a soft closing mechanism.

High expectations meet sophisticated demand

Architect@Work has firmly established itself throughout Europe with its distinctive concept, which encourages the intensive exchange of knowledge and innovative ideas between exhibitors and visitors. Only those architects, interior designers and planners who expect real innovation come to this event. Hawa Sliding Solutions AG has qualified for this claim with its acoustically effective sliding hardware and secured one of the coveted exhibitor spots for 2024 in

- Brussels, Belgium (May 29 + 30)
   ARCHITECT@WORK Brussels (

Lyon, France (June 5 + 6)

Vienna, Austria (October 9 + 10)

Berlin, Germany (November 6 + 7)

Frankfurt, Germany (December 4 + 5) 
  ARCHITECT@WORK Frankfurt (

Hawa is looking forward to an intensive dialog with the visitors to Architect@Work about application ideas, acoustic requirements and efficient use of space.


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