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Cyberattack on Hawa Sliding Solutions – Update as of 23.5.2023 


An important step on the way to normality – Hawa Sliding Solutions is delivering to its sales partners again. A good three weeks after the cyberattack on the Hawa IT systems, the initial deliveries following the interruption have been prepared in the German distribution center. The dispatch of Hawa hardware systems to its partners is taking place with immediate effect.

Hawa Sliding Solutions has used the last few weeks for technical checking and restoration of its IT systems – with the goal of preparing to resume production and logistics in the best possible way. Intensive discussions have been carried out with the company’s sales partners in order to do this. Thanks to the understanding which has been shown, orders have been able to be adapted, divided up and also prioritized where necessary. This has made it possible to individually process outstanding orders in the German distribution center according to urgency and the availability of the goods.

Hawa is confident that in addition to the distribution which has already begun, it will also soon be able to start manufacturing to its full capacity again.

Recovery mode has therefore started successfully after complex restorations and checking of the relevant ERP IT systems. Hawa expects to receive orders via the known digital interfaces to our ERP software in the next few days and to process them in our accounting department in a partially automated manner for the time being.


“The work to restore normal operation is progressing, even though it will take time to systematically check and carefully clear up all of the systems. Thanks to the support, cooperation and the high level of motivation of everyone, Hawa has succeeded in averting an absolute standstill in our company. We continue to maintain close dialog with our suppliers and customers and have received both great understanding for our situation and encouragement for our open and transparent approach to the cyberattack.”

Ezequiel Di Claudio, CEO of Hawa Sliding Solutions AG


So far, neither Hawa nor the IT forensics and IT security specialists who the company has commissioned have found any indications or traces that the malware which was used during the attack on Hawa could have left the IT systems. Nevertheless, all of the Hawa IT systems, including the ones which have not been affected so far, have been examined by IT forensic experts, and all clients such as laptops and PCs have been professionally checked and reset and reinstalled as a precautionary measure. The existing IT security architecture has been and will continue to be consolidated in order to also be prepared for serious cyberattacks in the future. Hawa is aware that the cyber criminals, who are attributed to organized crime, are always finding new ways and developing methods of breaking through or undermining state-of-the-art security barriers.

Hawa will continue to inform its sales partners and employees at regular intervals and in good time concerning further developments and new findings regarding the cyberattack.

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