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Hawa Junior 100: Convenience at a new level

The latest member of the Hawa Junior sliding family, which has proven itself millions of times over, moves wooden doors up to 100 kg with incomparable lightness and smooth running, such that with the innovative magnetic soft closing system, it even meets the criteria for full accessibility. It's also visually captivating: A design purist with streamlined elegance and invisibly integrated hardware, it flexibly meets all the expectations for refined interior design.

Available from January 2022

Fully accessible sliding: An advantage that moves a lot

Reliably convenient sliding: With its innovative magnetic soft closing system and opening forces of less than 22 N, the Hawa Junior 100 for wooden doors is the first system of this type to enable fully accessible opening. This unique convenience advantage has positive effects across a wide range of factors: Equally suited to upscale homes, for refined hotel guests or in the representational business environment.

Sliding comfort is also quality of life

The never-before achieved low operating forces of the new Hawa Junior 100 open new doors for customer segments that are not yet universally in focus. Especially for people with limited physical abilities, the Hawa Junior 100 can mean a significant improvement in quality of life. Whether for children, the physically impaired or one’s own aging process, it may make sense to decide with foresight on the unique convenience of this fitting.


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Incomparable convenience, especially for installation

The convenience and reliability offered by the new Hawa Junior 100 also benefits processing companies. Including by offering especially efficient installation of the doors and easy, continuous adjustments. In addition, the high degree of pre-assembly, which simplifies and optimizes the installation process as well as the work.


At a glance: system advantages


New weight class: now for wooden doors up to 100 kg.

Soft closing mechanism on both sides, even for narrow doors from 800 mm.

Solutions for ceiling integration, wall mounting and pocket structures.



Quick installation and removal, as well as continuous adjustment of the doors.

High degree of pre-assembly and simple storage.


New magnetic soft closing system with the lowest full accessibility opening force of <22 N.

Incomparably quiet running thanks to rollers made of high-performance plastic and precision ball bearings.

Doors are silently braked and pulled closed.


Simple, reduced design with technology that is invisibly integrated in the running track.

Options for delicate covers and streamlined, reduced designer pocket solutions without handles on the front.

Clip-on panels and ceiling integration profile for wall and ceiling installation.


Tested to 100,000 cycles (corresponds to approx. 25 years) and maintenance-free for the entire service life.

High quality sliding system, tried and tested millions of times.

Fulfils the full accessibility standards in accordance with DIN 18040-2 / 25 N.

Accessibility meets the standards of the ADA building regulation in the US.

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